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DENIED B2_Brawler's Helper Application

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Royal Realms Staff Application Format

This is the official Royal Realms Staff Application template. You must use this template when applying by copy and pasting it into a new thread in the Application section. If you do not use this template then your application will be invalid. If you have not already, please read through the Staff Application Guide found here where you can see our requirements, tips and tricks for applying. Remember to answer all questions in detail to give us the best idea as to whether or not you are an ideal candidate. Please aim for around 250-500 words when writing the application. Good luck!

Part A

Q1) What is your IGN?
Q2) What is your Discord IGN (with tag)?
Q3) How old are you?
Q4) What timezone are you in?
Q5) Do you have a working mic?
Yes, but my brother did something to it to make it so I can't talk in Discord.
6)How long have you been a part of our server?
I think like when the Discord was made.

Part B

Q7) Are you currently staff on any other servers?
I own my own server.
Q8) Do you have any previous staffing experience? If so what?
I know how to catch hackers using, fly, killaura, autoclicker, and Hacked Clients.
Q8) How many hours can you contribute per day?
3-4 hours on the weekend and 2 hours and 30 min on Friday
Q9) Have you had any punishments while playing on Royal Realms? If so, when and what were they?
Q10) Why do you want to become a Helper on Royal Realms?
I want to help the community grow and stop hackers ruining the game.
Q11) Why do you stand out to other applicants?
I want to care for this server I want this server to be successful.
Part C- Scenarios

Q12) If you are in a situation where you are the only staff, and multiple hackers come on to the server, how would you deal with the situation? Please give a step by step break down as to what you would do.
First, I would go vanish, and spectate every single hacker to confirm it isn't a fake. Next, I would dm other
Q13) A player calls you a trash, useless and a stupid staff member, how would you react to this?
I would dm and confirm other staff members if I could mute them by saying the words they said to me.
Q14) Your best mate has just come on to Royal Realms using a hacked client. They jump down into PVP and start using Kill Aura. You have evidence of them hacking, but they are your best mate. What will you do? Since they are a player but still my mate I would have to temp ban them for 1 day and if it continues I will have to ban them Perm.

Part D- Agreements: Please answer these with a Yes.

A1) During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, it will result in an automatic denial. Do you agree to this?

A2) If your application gets denied, you are not to argue with the decision made by staff, and instead you should take it upon yourself to improve the areas you failed/lacked in. If you do argue with the staff decision, we will refuse to consider any of your future applications. Do you agree to this?
A3) If your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before applying again. If you don't your application will be automatically denied. Do you agree to this?
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Hey B2_Brawler, and thank you for applying for staff. Unfortunately, as you do not currently have a working microphone, your answers are very limited and you have answered in an incorrect way to question fourteen, your application is being declined.

In the future, please read and meet the requirements before applying, add lots of detail to your application to really sell yourself to anyone reviewing the applications and reconsider your answer to questions fourteen. You can apply again in 2 weeks.

~ Hippo
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