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DENIED Bigbear1313 Community Manager Application

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Part A:

Minecraft IGN: bigbear1313

Discord ID: bigbear1313 #0146

Q1) How old are you?

Q2) What is your timezone/country?
CST, Texas
Q3) Do you have a mic?
Q4) Are you currently staff on another server?
Yes, I am, but I am able to manage 2 jobs.
Q5) How many hours could you contribute per day?
I will be available almost any time of the day weekdays and weekends apon request, but I would be able to contribute 2-3 hours a day.
Part B:

Q6) What previous staffing experience do you have?
1+ year of Adminstrarive experience on a server named crazywars, 100+ active players
And I have also helped out many communities with staff guides and coordinating, but aren’t relevant to put here
Q7) How good is your knowledge of admin commands, and how did you learn?
I am currently an administrator, and have learned through self teaching, and google :)
Q8) Why have you chosen to apply at Royal Realms?
The community seems very accepting and nice to incoming players, and has a stable staff team.
Q9) What qualities do you have that will make you a good Community Manager?
I have a very likeable personality, I have hosted many small events and larger events for up to 100+ people, and have always gotten great feedback, I am also very creative.
Q10) Why should we pick you other other applicants?
My experience sets me apart from others, and I get along well with others, as well I am very trustworthy and work well under stress.
Q11) Do you have any previous Managerial experience? If so, what? If not, how do you feel you are ready?
I do currently manage 15-20 staff members and host semi- monthly events as well.
Q12) Give examples of 2 events you would run on Royal Realms.
For maybe an upcoming easter event: Place different colored heads around a map and have player search for them, and have different prizes for each colored “egg” or head.
Q13) Is there any additional information you would like to add?
Thank you for taking the taking the time to read my application. :)
Part C- Agreements:

A1) Do you agree to not argue with the decision if you are denied?
I do.
A2) Do you agree that if you are found to abuse your power as community manager, you may be blacklisted?
I do
Not open for further replies.