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Royal Realms Staff Application Format
This is the official RoyalRealms Staff Application Format. You must follow this format while making your application otherwise it will result in an instant denial.

  • Minimum age of 14.
  • Must be active in-game, have a forums account and be in our discord.
  • Must understand and be able to use discord to a good level.
  • Not currently staff on any other server.
  • The ability to record, take screenshots, and upload them.
  • Have an understanding of the game modes on Royal Realms.
  • Must not have a significant punishment history.
  • Must have a microphone.

1) What is your IGN?

2) What is your Discord Tag?

3) How old are you?

4) What is your timezone?

5) Do you have a working microphone?

6) How long have you been a part of RoyalRealms?

7) Are you currently staff on any other servers?

8) Do you have any previous staffing experience?

8) How many hours can you contribute per day?

9) Have you had any punishments on the server?

10) Why do you want to become a Helper on RoyalRealms?

11) Why do you stand out to other applicants?


1) During your application process, if you ask a staff member about your application, it will result in an automatic denial. Do you agree to this?

2) If your application gets denied, you are not to argue with the decision made by staff, and instead you should take it upon yourself to improve the areas you failed/lacked in. If you do argue with the staff decision, we will refuse to consider any of your future applications. Do you agree to this?

3) If your application is denied, you must wait two weeks before applying again. If you don't your application will be automatically denied. Do you agree to this?
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