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RoyalRealms Rules and Guidelines

This thread contains all the rules and guidelines you need to abide by when playing on the RoyalRealms network. If you do not follow these rules you will be punished by a member of our staff team. If you see anyone breaking these rules and wish to report them, feel free to make a thread in our player reports section.

Blacklisted and Approved Modifications
Below is a list of approved and blacklisted modifications to the Minecraft client for use on RoyalRealms. This list will include but is not limited to Mods, Clients, etc. Mods that are not listed here are used at your own risk, meaning that if it is found that it gives you an unfair advantage, you will be banned. This list is subject to change at any point as deemed necessary by the RoyalRealms staff team. Any and all requests for additions to this list should go in the suggestions section on the forums.

Approved Modifications
  • Optifine
  • Shaders
  • Forge
  • Console Clients
  • Armor Status HUD
  • Potion Status HUD
  • Direction HUD
  • Coordinates and FPS HUD
  • Keystrokes HUD
  • Macro/Keybinding mods
    • NOTE: Any macro that auto-clicks for you is not allowed and will result in a ban.
    • NOTE: Any macro that automatically presses a series of keys for you is not allowed.
    • NOTE: Any macro that issues a command while mining is not allowed and will result in a ban.
  • Damage Indicators
  • Waypoints
  • 5zig
  • Reis Minimap or any minimap mod (players/entities must be disabled)
  • Better Sprint or any mod that binds sprinting and sneaking to a key
  • TooManyItems / NotEnoughItems
  • Brightness mods
  • TabbyChat
  • Chunk display mods
  • Schematica (Printer is ALLOWED)
  • Cosmetic mods (client-sided capes or other accessories that give no server-sided advantage)
  • GUI clients such as Badlion, Labymod, etc.

Blacklisted Modifications
  • Hacked/Ghost Clients (Vape, Wurst, etc.)
  • Auto clickers
  • Timer
  • Mods that provide cheating functionality (tracers, triggerbot, fly, chest esp, no fall, auto tool, kill aura, etc.)
  • X-Ray mods and resource packs
  • Any form of spam bot
  • Inventory Tweaks
  • BetterPvP
  • TapeMouse
  • OQ Minebot (or such variants and forks of)
For any questions regarding approved or blacklisted mods, please contact a member of the staff team.

Forum, Chat, and Discord Rules

  • Do not mini-mod
  • Do not post farm
  • Do not flood or be off-topic
  • Do not use inappropriate chat behavior
  • Do not double post
  • Do not tag staff members
  • Do not advertise links in chat unrelated to RoyalRealms
  • Do not encourage spam
  • Do not disrespect staff or players
  • Do not be racist or discriminate
  • Do not encourage suicide
  • Do not use DDoS or Dox comedy towards other players
  • Do not impersonate staff
  • Do not use an inappropriate nickname
  • Do not waste staff time
Network Rules

  • Do not double-click
  • Do not bot
  • Do not ban evade
  • Do not cheat or keymap
  • Do not do IRL trading or account sales
  • Do not inside
  • Do not abuse the economy
  • Do not abuse helpop and report
  • Do not exploit or abuse bugs
  • Do not AFK Mine
  • Scamming is strictly prohibited.
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