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Sodium Sulfide manufacturers

Products name:sodium sulphide 50PPM
Quick Details
鈼?nbsp;Classification: Sulfide
鈼?nbsp;Type: Sodium Sulfide
鈼?nbsp;CAS No.: 1313-82-2
鈼?nbsp;Other Names: sodium sulphide or sodium sulfide
鈼?nbsp;MF: Na2S
鈼?nbsp;EINECS No.: 215-211-5
鈼?nbsp;Place of Origin: China (Mainland)
鈼?nbsp;Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
鈼?nbsp;Purity: 60%
鈼?nbsp;Appearance: yellow flakes
鈼?nbsp;Application: Leather , dyeing tanning, textile, print, molting, paper making, m
鈼?nbsp;Brand Name: RSTE
鈼?nbsp;Model Number: 50ppm
鈼?Ssodium sulphide flakes ize: 1-5 mm
鈼?nbsp;Yellow flakes sodium sulfide smell:sodium sulphide flakes rotten egg
鈼?Dangerous level: 8 types of chemical dangerous
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details:sodium sulfide 60% yellow flakes package:
1. 25kg Net Plastic Woven Bag
2. 40*25kg pp woven bag in one ton bag
3. 40*25kg pp woven bag on one pallete
Delivery Detail:Fast delivery 5-10 days
Sodium sulphide(Na2S)
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Sodium Sulphide (Na2S) for leather industry
Company advantages:
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Sodium sulfide 60% yellow flakes Specification:
Red flakes: 50ppm
Sodium sulfide 60% red flakes main spec:
Itemred flakes
Water insolubles0.15%max.
Sodium sulfide 60% red flakes usage :
1. used in Leather or tanning for removing hair from hides and skins.
2. used in synthetic organic intermediate and preparation of sulfur dye additives .
3. in textile industry as a bleaching, as a desulfurizing and as a dechlorinating agent, used in pulp and paper industry.
4. sodium sulphide is used in water treatment as an oxygen scavenger agent.
5. in the photographic industry to protect developer solutions from oxidation.
6. It is used in the production of rubber chemicals and other chemical compounds.
7. It is use in other applications include ore flotation, oil recovery, food preservative, making dyes, and detergent.
8. used in mining industry as inhibitor , curing agent , removing agentSodium Sulfide manufacturers