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Hey everyone,

As the first week of the SkyBlock season is coming to a close, we would like to think back on the good (and bad) things that have happened this week. In this post I will be as transparent as possible, which we did promise to you all.

So, to start, we made 3 promises on the initial post to this website:
  • We will have regular content updates
  • We will post changelogs when we update features of the network
  • Most importantly: we will listen and act on your feedback!
We have done our absolute best to update you all of the changes, the bugs, the fixes, etc.
We have listened to the community feedback, we have acted on the changes suggested and we've really tried to change things to the way players like it.

Saturday 26th September
We got off to a good start, we had high hopes. We realised quite quickly that the economy had some flaws. As a team we acted on this as fast as possible, with the implementation of fixes as quickly as we could. Along with this, we realised that our calculations for Island Top, Island Level and Island Worth were slightly off. Again, it was changed and should be all good now. The fact that this happened, frankly, we are not proud of it. We feel as if we've let the community down.

On the day we launched, we know, we had some bugs. We felt as if this was a big issue and it is certainly something you will not see in the next season. After all, this is meant to be our beta season.

On the 26th, we applied some patches and fixes throughout the day/night, such as:
  • We updated the drop chances for Tokens and MobCoins, as well as the blocks and mobs that actually drop them.
  • We updated the shop prices in /shop, for multiple items.
  • We added the ability to pay people tokens. Pretty simple, right?
  • We updated the Tools GKit to add Experience 1-3, alongside Blast 1-3. GKits were also updated on the store to reflect changes made. (Cooldowns, items, enchants, etc.)
  • We changed the way that mob stacking works, mainly how many entities can stack and how fast they stack.
  • We updated the chances in our crates, specifically our Mythical and Legendary, to make them more worth the price.
  • Island permissions were fixed. Easy enough.
  • We updated a few minor permissions and commands to allow for better gameplay.

Sunday 27th September
Sunday came around, we were happy with all the fixes and changes, until we found more bugs and general things that players didn't like. We quickly acted on the feedback we had been given, and jumped in to updating things.

We tweaked the economy, a big no-no in the middle of a season, but we had to do it. We proceeded to update the look and feel of the shop, as well as the pricing inside it. We are genuinely sorry that we didn't have this locked in for release. As I have said: this won't happen again.

  • We added the ability for villagers to drop emeralds upon death, due to any means.
  • We fixed a small bug with our Launch Lootbox, which has now been removed from sale, and replaced by "Lootbox: October". (Check the store for info!)
  • We also upgraded the speed that hoppers run at, to around five times the speed, previously.

Monday 28th September
This is the day when we expected things to settle down and for players to start grinding, upgrading, and fighting their way to Island Top.
It's safe to say that we had somewhat been correct, less bugs appeared, the economy settled down, and people generally responded well to the changes. We added new items to the store, we added Black Scrolls and White Scrolls, we pushed the new finished shop GUIs (and applied a couple of minor tweaks), we added minion upgrades per person and a few other things.

Tuesday 29th September - Friday 2nd October
We have found out a lot from the last week. A lot of people have joined our community. Some friendships have been made. We have genuinely enjoyed the last week.

The things we have found out will be taken into account for Season 2, and we will not make the same mistakes.
We are so grateful for you all supporting the network so much! It really means a lot.

Closing Remarks
I've used the term "we" quite a lot, and there is a good explanation for this: our team, works as one:
We are all on the same page, we all try out absolute best to get it right. We might not always get it perfect, but we are trying to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

We thank you for sticking with us, supporting us as much as you have, and overall, having fun with us.

Thank you.
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