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TPU Composite Fabric

Mesh Composite TPU
Hygroscopicity and perspiration, moisture absorption, quick drying, anti-fouling, easy decontamination, waterproof, anti-static, breathable, sweating, non-sticky skin, soft and flexible. Mainly used for outdoor sportswear, leisure knitted clothing, swimsuit fabrics.
Item:fabric composite mesh cloth plus TPUMOQ:One yard starts.
Material:polyesterProofing cycle:3 days
Color:CustomizationFunction:Waterproof and breathable
Application:Jackets, ski suitsYarn:70D*160D
Widthé”›?/p>150 cmDestiny:Custom
About us:
Focusing on the details of each step of compounding, we have established our own professional laboratory to quantify the technical indicators. With the rapid development of outdoor sports, consumers' demand for functional fabrics is very clear and professional. Therefore, the laboratory plays a key role in the production of functional fabrics.
1. Our destination is far from your factory, the freight cot would be high.
You can rest assure, We have cooperate with a logistics companies for a long time, and there is a logistics park near us.
2. Can I get any discount?
The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to your order quantity. If you are buying in bulk for an occasion, We offer you wholesale price. We also have promotions several times a year.TPU Composite Fabric