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Automatic Steel Wire Cage Welding Machine

Qingdao Dongfeihong Intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd is professional steel bar processing equipment manufacturer in China, which is focused on the quality and service in the field of steel processing, people oriented, and is committed to promoting the development of the intelligent steel processing industry, and spare no effort to help the engineers to realize the desire of the intelligent steel processing field. And continuous innovation, and strive to be a genuine intelligent steel processing system solution expert and the global steel bar worker's good partner, let all of the steel workers in the world easy to use intelligent equipment, no longer limited by age and education.
The main products of Qingdao Dongfeihong are CNC Cage Welding/ Making Machine, CNC Automatic Rebar Bending Center, Bar Bender, Bar Cutter, Automatic Stirrup Bender, CNC Steel Wire Straightening And Cutting Machine, Wire Mesh Welding Machine, CNC Rebar Shear Line, CNC Rebar Sawing & Threading Machine and so on.
Since its establishment, Qingdao Dongfeihong, has cooperated with China Railway Group, China Railway Construction Group, China Jiaotong Group, China Electricity Construction Group, China Construction Group and other large-scale engineering groups in China, Gansu Luqiao Group, Ningxia Luqiao Group, Shaanxi Construction Group, Beijing Urban Construction Group, Jiangsu Transportation Engineering Group, Zhejiang Jiaotong Group, Hangzhou Transportation Engineering Group and other provinces and regions. Regional large road and Bridge Group has established many pleasant cooperation, and successfully provided excellent construction units in Russia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Ethiopia, Kenya, India, Sri Lanka, Canada, and other countries with satisfactory reinforcement processing solutions, and achieved zero complaints. As of January 2019, Qingdao Dongfeihong has successfully signed the annual strategic cooperation framework agreement of 2017, the annual strategic cooperation framework agreement of 2018 and the annual strategic cooperation framework agreement of 2019 with China Railway. Every year from November to December, Dongfeihong Customer Service Department jointly carries out Dongfeihong's "Level 8 Service Guarantee System" return visit monthly activities vigorously, providing equipment maintenance and return visit services for old customers, and conducting technical research work at the same time. According to the statistics of the return visit form, the satisfaction of the old customers to Dongeihong's after-sales service is 100%. In order to provide humanized service for all engineers, Dongfeihong Sales Department, Aftersales Department and Customer Service Department have opened a "24-hour service hotline" to meet the service needs of hard-working engineers at any time and anywhere, and to help engineers build a century-old quality project.
Qingdao Dongfeihong, with advanced technology research and development center, is established by experts engaged in intelligent equipment industry for many years, and has many independent intellectual property rights such as technological inventions, utility model patents. It has also passed the certification of ISO 9001 quality management system, ISO 14001 environmental management system, EU CE certification and so on.
Qingdao Dongfeihong always adheres to the concept of "with practicality as foundation, we keep a foothold in the world with morality" and takes "Ethics first, business second" as its core values and strives to create a century-old brand in the global machinery industry. We believe that through continuous efforts, Dongfeihong will become the most respected intelligent steel processing system solution customized enterprise.Automatic Steel Wire Cage Welding Machine